Rental Information

Complex Rentals during Covid-19 

With Responsible ReStartOhio underway we have begun to allow Township Hall rentals with the provision that the renter/resident follows the Banquet Hall protocols with a licensed Caterer.  Shelter house rentals are still suspended in support of the Governor’s Mass Gathering limit of 10 people.  The Playgrounds remain closed with the Mass Gathering restriction in mind & the mandatory requirement to disinfect high-contact surfaces hourly.
Please call 419-898-9621, Ext 3 for rental information, questions or reservations.  Please do not email these requests.


Township Hall Rental

CALL 419-898-9621 EXT. 3 for ALL Rental Information

The Township Hall and shelter houses are available for rent. The hall/shelter houses are located at 11080 West Toussaint East Road. You MUST be a resident living in Carroll Township to rent these facilities! View Map to Township Hall.

township hall shelter rental facility

There is a refundable $200.00 deposit on the hall and a refundable $100.00 deposit for shelter houses, as long as it is clean and there is no damage. The rental fee rates are as follows:

Big Hall Room $75.00
Small Hall Room $50.00
Both Hall Rooms $125.00
Shelter Houses $25.00 each
Gymnasium - Individuals (Resident) $10.00 per hour
Gymnasium - Groups (Resident) $20.00 per hour
Gymnasium - (Nonresident) $30.00 per hour

To reserve the Township Hall, please CALL the maintenance department during working hours 7am-3pm Monday through Friday at 419-898-9621 Ext. 3. You may inquire about reservations at e-mail: